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Goodbye, Ted Lasso

More Thoughts On The Secrets Of Hillsong *Trigger Warning*

The Secrets of Hillsong: A Few Thoughts On Episode 1 & 2

Biblical-Certainty Is A Hell Of A Drug

"I'm Gay, Do I Have To Go To An Affirming Church"?

The Ebb And Flow Of Heartbreak

Is The Bible Inspired? And What Does That REALLY Mean?

The Telling (How I Came Out To My Family)

Do You Know HOW To Live? And Other Thoughts On Writing (And Life)

Ali Wong, Bravery, And The Power Of The Ryman

Today I Talk About One Thing I Struggle With Since Coming Out

Breaking Bad, Lord Of The Rings, And My Oldest, Elias...

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My Deconstructed Happy Easter

Do You Ever Feel Like You're A Stranger?

3 Ways Deconstruction Changed How I Parent My Kids

Will Our Stories Be Our Own In The Future?

Why Am I STILL Shocked, Surprised, Bewildered, Hoping That Evangelicals Will Do Better?

5 Ideas For Talking To Your Kids About Sex

This Is My Body. This Is My Home.

About That Sex Post From The Gospel Coalition...

What Are My Thoughts Regarding The Bible And Homosexuality...

'Don't Gaslight Yourself, Matthew...'

221 Years Ago, Kentucky Had Another Revival

The Cost Of Coming Out... Part 2

About Those 13 Minutes From Rihanna

All Hail The Power of JESUS®️

What Did I Tell My Kids?

Here's One Piece Of Advice For Everybody Who Is, Was, Or Considering Deconstructing

The Biggest Surprises About Those First Five Days After I Came Out

Here's A Life-Changing Truth That Is Changing (Almost) Everything For Me

What Do I Think About What Andy Stanley Said About Gay People? My Thoughts...

The cost of coming out... part 1

That one big gay surprise...

The TV Show That I Cannot Stop Thinking About

This is the one piece of advice every writer, creator, and dreamer needs to know...

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